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drakeprince's Journal

3 December
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not verey many people know me
to most i am a mistery
i have a tndancey to keape to my sealf
what you may not relize is that i am realy lisanig and observing EVERY THING and thinking it over.the reason i am like this is becus i beleave that information and understanig are the bilding blocks of wisdom.
i have a tendancy to look very menecing but to tell the truth i am more likely to to save and protect a compleats stranger from a muger. regardles of my own saftey. i intentonaly dres up to look mean (with the treanch coat) ot alter peoples perspective of steriotipes. for example. i am rideing the bus home from work wearing my sweater underneath my treanch coat. (so i look twice as big than i usaley do.) no one seams to want to sit next ot me. the bus becomes full. and a womand with 4 children gets on and the only seat thats open is the one next to me. so i give them my seat so that they can sit together.

" Thears nothing wrong with not knowing what you want to do in life. some of the most interesting people i know still do kot know what they are going to do."
Shera Coner. Michael Critons The lost world.